The Genesis of LMR and HPR.
California Rocketry magazine - CRm - Back Issues
4810-912468-31-?California Rocketry
magazine April 1981
Premiere Issue
Introduction, SPOC-5 results,
Competition Corner, Motor Design
Trends-Rosenfield Part 1,
AIR-1 Motor Installation.
7810-912468-32-?California Rocketry
magazine July 1981
Photos, CD Trans-roc 1 review,
MACS-81, PAR- 10 results, Grain
Designs-Rosenfield Part 2, First
Shuttle coverage, Geodesic Altitude
Equations, Manufacturer Listing, Mini-
standard BG plan, Smoke Creek.
10810-912468-33-?California Rocketry
magazine October 1981
Estes Astrocam 110 review, Colossus
Alpha plan, Performance Optimization-
Rosenfield Part 3, RCBG plan, Space Shuttle
scale data, Geodesic Seduction, Thrust vs.
Drag, AIR-2 Clustering Composites, Record
Trials report, Photo pages.
1820-912468-34-?California Rocketry
magazine January 1982
Two color and bigger than MR, ping pong
lofting, AIR-3 staging composites, Christmas
rocketry wishbook, Novisor plan, STS-2 flight
article and photo centerfold, BG design rules,
Salamander 5 RG review, Med-fly 1/4A RG plan,
California's space shuttle, photo page.
4820-912468-35-?California Rocketry
magazine April 1982
Letters, NAR Politics, photo pages, map of
Lucerne, Launch Velocity, Canarette plan,
Unlimited Altitude plan, FAI F Payloader plan,
F Altitude plan, Ogive equations, NARWIN-3
coverage, SPOC-7 results, ADC Tow'r review,
A&A Engineering AD-300 review, Model Rocketry
at the Mushroom Mardi Gras.
7820-912468-40-?California Rocketry
magazine July 1982
News, Helix flight, Basic Model Rocket Ramjet
Theory Part 1, How to tissue balsa, Newsletter
listing, Rocky Mountain Canary II BG plan,
Competition Chutes review, 1982 MIT Convention,
Manufacturer listing, photo pages, Acceleration
Recording System part 1, letters, response,
1982 Smoke Creek profes sional launch.
10820-912468-41-?California Rocketry
magazine October 1982
News, Acceleration Recording System part 2,
Ramjet Configuration Analysis part 2, Estes
Comanche 3 review, photo pages, ACE Mongrel
review, Historical Enerjet plan, LDRS-1 photo
article, letters, Orphius D14 sport plan.
1830-912468-42-?California Rocketry
magazine January 1983
PAR-12, NAR Politics, Launch controller plan,
Aerobee 150 scale data, Florida photo page,
Enerjet experimental motor letter, 8 Concept
plans, Motor total and specific impulse.
4830-912468-43-?California Rocketry
magazine April 1983
Crash and Burn photo article, West German
Model Rocketry, 6 concept plans, Jim Jaworski
photo page, Real Life Thrust Curves, Aliph
Null plan, AeroTech E6 and F10 review,
Competition Chutes review, K-Cineroc camera
article, Ratio of ad pages, letters.
7830-912468-44-?California Rocketry
magazine July 1983
News and letters, Ramjet part 3-Inlet Design,
Built-up plan, Electronic timer-controller
plan, K-Cineroc part 2-Fine Tuning, Photo
interpreta tion, AeroTech D7 and F15 reviews,
Manufacturer listing, Newsletter listing,
Unlimited eggloft altitude provisional event,
1983 Smoke Creek launch, ACE photo spread
foldout, poems.
10830-912468-45-?California Rocketry
magazine October 1983
LDRS-2 photo article, Whirlwind E23 review,
AeroTech E10 F20 G25 G65 reviews, Duraflite
Ejection baffle review, MRT association formed,
MRT manufacturer association formed, AeroTech
thrust curve page, news and letters, Why G motors
should be certified, Why model rockets should have
a five pound liftoff weight. Un-Scale, What's your
hurry? and Maximum volume model rocket provisional
1840-912468-46-?California Rocketry
magazine January 1984
Model Rocket Inertial Guidance, d-camroc plan,
Korey Kline photo page, Model Rocketeer, High
Power Research and SNOAR News review, Air Augmented
Rockets, Sure Fire Ejection plan, G25 Malewicki
Chart and Altitude Prediction part 1, U.S. Rockets
Banshee Flight Sheet, Blasts from the past, News
and Letters.
4840-912468-47-?California Rocketry
magazine April 1984
Aerobee 150 Scale Data Update, AeroTech F44/G65
Malewicki Performance Charts, news and letters,
Measuring Weight, Coefficient of Drag Computer
Program, Standard Rocket CD Chart, Tom Johnson
photo page, Box Launcher Plan, U.S. Rockets
INTERROC Flight Sheet.
7840-912468-??-?California Rocketry
magazine July 1984
Smoke Creek Experimental Launch, Gary Rosenfield
photo page, News and letters, G125/F101 Malewicki
Performance Charts, ROCKETCON 84 Technical
Convention, Manufacturer and Newsletter listings,
Interactive directory, Kit reviews, U.S. Rockets
STILETTO Flight Sheet. Product Reviews ACE Ultra,
Shark, U.S. Rockets Stiletto, Aero-Roc.
High Power Research magazine - HPR - Back Issues
HPR-10-912468-??-?High Power Research
magazine #1
Experimental Rocket Flyer magazine - ERF - Back Issues
ERF-10-912468-60-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #1
ERF-20-912468-61-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #2
ERF-30-912468-62-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #3
ERF-40-912468-63-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #4
ERF-50-912468-64-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #5
ERF-60-912468-65-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #6
ERF-70-912468-66-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #7
ERF-80-912468-67-?Experimental Rocket
Flyer magazine #8
Tripoli Politics Issue - TPI - Back Issues
The vacuum of ethics and common sense at one association.
TPI-10-912468-36-?Tripoli Politics
Issue #1
TPI-20-912468-37-?Tripoli Politics
Issue #2
TPI-30-912468-38-?Tripoli Politics
Issue #3
Tripoli Business Issue - TBI
How it might have been.
TBI0-912468-49-?Tripoli Business


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