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54mm/2.125" R&R Motor BULK Reloads
54mm 240 Nominal Newton-sec 2.125 Inch Long 1 Grain Bulk Packs
Bulk PackQuantityBurn TimePropellant Cost
54.240BK721.0 sec.Buttkicker$1709.95
54.240F722.0 sec.Fast$1487.95
54.240STD723.2 sec.Standard$1487.95
54.240WS724.0 sec.Whitestar$1487.95
54.240SD724.0 sec.Stardust$1709.95
54.240FS726.0 sec.Firestarter$1709.95
54mm 380 Nominal Newton-sec 3.5 Inch Long 1 Grain Bulk Packs
Bulk PackQuantityBurn TimePropellant Cost
54.380BK361.0 sec.Buttkicker$1398.95
54.380F362.0 sec.Fast$1224.95
54.380STD363.2 sec.Standard$1224.95
54.380WS364.0 sec.Whitestar$1224.95
54.380SD364.0 sec.Stardust$1398.95
54.380FS366.0 sec.Firestarter$1398.95
54mm 710 Nominal Newton-sec 7 Inch Long 1 Grain Bulk Packs
Bulk PackQuantityBurn timePropellant Cost
54.710BK180.9 sec.Buttkicker$1398.95
54.710F181.8 sec.Fast$1224.95
54.710STD182.9 sec.Standard$1224.95
54.710WS183.6 sec.Whitestar$1224.95
54.710SD183.6 sec.Stardust$1398.95
54.710FS185.4 sec.Firestarter$1398.95
54mm 2.125" 240 nominal Newton-second 1 grain Bulk Pack
Ultra value pro: BASIC
Low smoke, light orange flame, high efficiency, fast
Bulk PackQuantityBurn timePropellant Cost
54.240B721.8 sec.BASIC
54mm 21" 2280 nominal Newton-second 1 grain Bulk Pack
| 1 Grain | 2 Grain | 4 Grain | 6 Grain |
Bulk PackQuantityBurn timePropellant Cost
54.2280STD41.8 sec.Standard$816.95
54.2280WS43.6 sec.Whitestar$816.95
Includes propellant, delay, liner, instructions. Consumer provides
ejection powder FFF, igniter, rocket, launch pad and excitement! Ask your
dealer to stock our reloads and closures which are compatible with all
popular casings. Different liner selections available on request same cost. Specify.

Firestarter (amber), Whitestar (silver), Standard (brown), Fast (orange), Buttkicker (black)

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