Official releases by Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc.
about Kosdon Enterprises of California

Kosdon and Kosdon East actively working to meet deadline
2000 Archived News by Paul Robinson (RIP 2010)
Tuesday, March 07, 2000

PELHAM, New Hampshire USA - The recent discussions surrounding the availability of Kosdon motors
hasn't fallen on deaf ears, at least that's the story from Kosdon and Kosdon East owners Frank Kosdon
and Paul Robinson. In an exchange last week with Paul Robinson, he wanted to assure everyone that
they haven't been standing by idly waiting on their certifications to expire.

Robinson has been taking the required steps to gain approval from the US Department of Transportation
for Kosdon propellant formulations manufactured at his East coast facility. DOT EX numbers aren't an
easy task, taking as long as two years to gain approval. Personal and health problems relative to the
manufacturer's representative have contributed to the lengthy process as well.

At the core of the Kosdon certification issues were the lack of West coast facilities which further
complicated the federal permitting process for manufacturing. According to Robinson, representatives
from the DOT have provided sufficient information for them to formulate a workable plan that would
achieve the company's desired results.

Part of that plan includes the formation of a separate entity specifically set up to manufacture Kosdon's
products legally, a plan that was openly endorsed by Kosdon. Most of the required agreements were already
in place to facilitate the new structure, allowing for the propulsion team to complete the restructuring
within the next 60 days. This, they felt, would give sufficient time to prepare and test motors for the
next certification period.

Robinson states that Tripoli Motor Testing has assured him that they will do all they can to assist him
through the process, indicating that the TMT East Coast Testing Group has acquired "a couple of new test
cells and is ready to go." Between TMT and NAR S&T, Robinson feels they can safely meet the certification
deadline with no lapse in availability of motors.

According to TMT policy, Robinson pointed out that Kosdon motors that are subject to the 6/1/00 TMT
certification expiration date will be covered under Tripoli's Consumer Protection Policy, a plan whereby
motors that were manufactured during the three year certification period would be allowed to be flown for
up to three years from the expiration date.

Tripoli confirmed that the Consumer Protection Policy would be available to the Kosdon motors thus affected
as long as the manufacturing date was indeed prior to 6/1/00. Tripoli went on to state that motors
manufactured after the expiration date which were intentionally labeled with a date prior to 6/1 would be
sufficient grounds to waive the protection policy for all Kosdon motors. It should be worthwhile to also
point out that a number of Kosdon motors were certified by the NAR S&T which aren't affected by the 6/1 TMT
certification expiration date.

Tripoli and the Canadian Association of Rocketry motor certification agreement
2002 Archived News by Tripoli Motor Testing
Monday, March 04, 2002

WORLD WIDE WEB -- Mark Clark of Tripoli Motor Testing recently reported, "Tripoli Rocketry Association and
the Canadian Association of Rocketry now have a reciprocal agreement recognizing motor certifications. This
means motors tested by CAR will be certified motors at TRA launches effective immediately."

Back to the future: Kosdon TRM motors to make return
2009 Archived News by Planet News
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WORLD WIDE WEB - In an early morning communication which was reposted to other hobby rocketry mailing lists
with permission, Paul Holmes, chairman of the Tripoli Rocketry Association's motor testing committee announced
that Tripoli has reinstated Dr. Franklin Kosdon as a Tripoli Certified Motor Manufacturer.

Basing the decision on the recent court decision that removed ammonium perchlorate composite propellant (APCP)
from the list of federally restricted low explosives, the announcement stated that manufacturers of APCP rocket
fuel no longer need a low explosives manufacturing permit issued by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives.

"Due to the recent court decision being upheld on the status of APCP and manufacturers no longer needing Low
Explosives Manufacturing Permit (LEMP) licensing, Mr. Kosdon, again meets the minimum requirements to be
considered a manufacturer in the eyes of this office," Holmes stated in the recirculated posting. "To that end,
I submitted a motion to the TRA BOD for his reinstatement which passed as of 20 May 2009."

Plans call for Kosdon and Holmes to exchange a list of motors he will be offering for sale in the near future,
with the ultimate plan being to re-release his entire motor line from 2001. The list will be compared against
his previous certified motor list, and once confirmed, motors from the list will be allowed to be sold and flown
by Tripoli members immediately. Within one year, Kosdon must submit the listed motors for recertification testing,
comparing the output to the original test data. Failure to resubmit the motors from the list for testing could
result in the decertification of those motors.

"This action is deemed appropriate due to the excellent past history of these motors and periodic monitoring of
his research work over the last eight years to insure he has maintained consistent standards," Holmes said in the
posting. "In addition, once the agreed list is posted by this office, any past stores of these motors WILL be
allowed to be flown." Holmes went on to clarify that no legacy Kosdon motors are to be flown until TMT makes an

Dr. Kosdon is considered a propulsion pioneer of today's high-power rocket motors. A Massachusetts Institute of
Technology alumni, Dr. Kosdon's work was lauded in the October 25, 1961 issue of MIT's "The Tech" student newspaper,
in an article announcing Dr. Kosdon and Harvard student Ronald Winston's winning a $1000 award offered by the MIT
Rocket Research Society. The pair won an award for submitting a research paper they wrote together called
"Experimental Development of an Isocyanate Solid Propellant," describing a safe propellant formula for amateur
rocket use.

Dr. Kosdon's Tripoli membership was suspended in March of 2002 for several claims, including breaking an agreement
not to sell motors at TRA launch sites until he became "legal," the result of the then federal necessity of an LEMP,
and various applications of California state law. This suspension took place after Dr. Kosdon had announced his
candidacy for the TRA board but before the election. Dr. Kosdon addressed these claims at length in his response.
With the federal burden of licensing removed, Dr. Kosdon's reinstatement by Tripoli will allow the popular Kosdon
motors to once again roar at launch sites across the country. And, while the question of a federal LEMP seems to
have been answered, it remains to be seen whether other NFPA requirements will be demanded.

TMT announces recertification of 52 Kosdon TRM motors
2009 Archived News by Tripoli Motor Testing
Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am very pleased to announce official paperwork has been received from Dr. Frank Kosdon,
as required, in the effort to return his previously certified motors/reloads to the member approved list.

The below listed Kosdon Enterprises, Truly Recyclable Motor (TRM) reloads were submitted and have been
verified with archival TMT and NAR S&T documentation and are approved for immediate use by Tripoli
members in good standing, and for all rocketry organizations granting reciprocal approval.
These motors
are certified on an interim basis for one year, ending on 30 June 2010, with full recertification to be
granted for each reload kit through comprehensive TMT or NAR S&T empirical testing prior to that date.

Legend for all lines:

Official Name, TMT Designation, Class metric, Case OD, Length, Total NS, Average, BurnTime, Weight

S = Slow, F = Fast, DH = Dirty Harry

24 MM
H200S-13, H207, 55% H, 24, 383, 247.4, 207.4, 1.2, 117.8
H365F-15, H382, 62% H, 24, 383, 259.1, 381.7, 0.7, 122.3
H470F-P, H511, 84% H, 24, 489, 293.7, 511.2, 0.57, 151

29 MM
H155F-7, H172, 0% H, 29, 203, 160.8, 171.9, 0.97, 80
G40S-P, G37, NAR, 29, 206, 110.56, 37.35, 2.96, 48.4
G75S-7, G75, NAR, 29, 206, 142.11, 75.19, 1.89, 67.5
G65DH-11, G72, 71% G, 29, 206, 136.6, 71.6, 1.9, 93.6
H105DH-P, H116, 35% H, 29, 289, 216.3, 116.1, 1.87, 143.5
H70S-P, H73, NAR, 29, 291, 179.53, 73.28, 2.45, 81.7
H135S-11, H134, NAR, 29, 291, 170.09, 133.6, 1.73, 112
H255F-9, H261, 66% H, 29, 292, 266, 260.5, 1.03, 125.3
I385F-12, I439, 2% I, 29, 384, 326.3, 438.5, 0.77, 154
I560F-20, I551, 26% I, 29, 597, 404.2, 550.9, 0.73, 246.1

38 MM
I300F-P, I319, 22% I, 38, 254, 390.7, 318.8, 1.2, 181.2
I145DH-9, I145, NAR, 38, 258, 357.47, 144.72, 2.47, 182.7
I170DH-11, I167, 66% I, 38, 314, 433.21, 167.26, 2.59, 287
I220S-9, I224, 67% I, 38, 314, 534.4, 224.3, 2.4, 253.7
I420F-12, I438, 66% I, 38, 314, 532.9, 437.7, 1.2, 244.6
J280S-11, J297, 5% J, 38, 368, 671.1, 296.5, 2.27, 314.1
I255DH-10, I273, 88% I, 38, 368, 602.8, 273.4, 2.2, 353.3
J450F-10, J619, 5% J, 38, 368, 673.3, 619.4, 1.1, 308
J345S-18, J361, 19% J, 38, 476, 761.2, 361.8, 2.1, 380.5
J630F-20, J659, 23% J, 38, 476, 787.4, 659.5, 1.17, 374.5
J675F-20, J710, 27% J, 38, 476, 814.5, 710.5, 1.17, 386.6
J850F-21, J884, 41% J, 38, 576, 899.9, 883.8, 1, 450
J530S-10, J549, 55% J, 38, 737, 991.7, 549.4, 1.8, 561.7
J975F-23/P, J1018, 61% J, 38, 740, 1033.4, 1018.5, 1.03, 552.7

54 MM
I120DH-P, I120, NAR, 54, 251, 571.47, 119.81, 4.77, 393
I150S-6, I145, NAR, 54, 251, 632.37, 145.37, 4.35, 339
J340F-10, J433, 23% J, 54, 251, 787.3, 432.8, 1.88, 361.3
J180DH-13, J193, 38% J, 54, 326, 884.2, 193.4, 4.57, 605.5
J230S-8, J232, NAR, 54, 326, 945.89, 231.84, 4.08, 500.8
J480F-17, J523, 79% J, 54, 326, 1144.2, 523.2, 2.2, 522.5
J295DH-17, J306, 94% J, 54, 403, 1243.2, 306, 4.03, 792.8
K350S-9, K344, NAR 54, 403, 1317.62, 344.93, 3.82, 682
K700F-18, K692, NAR, 54, 403 1426.69, 692.57, 2.06, 682
L850S-12, L951, 3% L, 54, 727, 2643.2, 950.7, 2.8, 1265.4
L1860F-23, L2018, 3% L, 54, 727, 2643, 2017.6, 1.3, 1254.8

76 MM
J130S-15, J162, 75% J, 76, 244, 1118.1, 161.8, 6.9, 610
J250F-7, J274, 82% J, 76, 244, 1166.9, 274.4, 4.27, 596.5
K410S-13, J424, 89% K, 76, 368, 2420.4, 424.5, 5.7, 1195.9
K777F-10, K809, 97% K, 76, 368, 2524.9, 809.3, 3.13, 1168.7
L585DH-8, L609, 21% L, 76, 495, 3093.8, 608.6, 5.1, 1929.8
L630S-7, L644, 34% L, 76, 495, 3429.9, 643.6, 5.33, 1661
L1175F-30, L1205, 39% L, 76, 495, 3567.1, 1205.1, 2.97, 1667
L1500F-11, L1548, 85% L, 76, 622, 4730.5, 1548, 3.07, 2222.7
L820S-15, L845, 75% L, 76, 623, 4469.9, 845.2, 5.27, 2222.7
M1130S-P, M1170, 12% M, 76, 775, 5763.6, 1169.5, 4.9, 3069.1
M2240F-P, M2350, 16% M, 76, 775, 5947, 2349.8, 2.55, 3057.8
M1015DH-P, M1059, 3% M, 76, 781, 5282.7, 1059.2, 5, 3547
M1845S-P, M1952, 46% M, 76, 1038, 7512.8, 1952.2, 3.83, 3882.2
M3200F-P, M3202, 48% M, 76, 1041, 7565.7, 3201.6, 2.35, 3895.8

There are a few additional motors to add to this list, but are withheld until further verification
can be made of the cert data. If there are any questions about the list or a possible
omission/correction, reply off-list.

H. Paul Holmes
Chairman, Tripoli Motor Testing

Official releases by National Association of Rocketry regarding
Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc. release about
Kosdon Enterprises of California

R130: NAR S&T Kosdon Motor Announcement

2009 Archived News by NAR Standards & Testing
Thursday, June 25, 2009

As you may have heard Tripoli Rocketry Association has reinstated Dr. Frank Kosdon as a TRA certified
manufacturer. Tripoli Motor Testing has also recently granted a one-year interim certification for
all Kosdon Enterprises motors that retained approved status at the time of his decertification in
April 2001
. TRA has declared these motors are only interim certified for Tripoli members, essentially
giving them a portion of the burn period they did not receive at the time of censure. The interim
certification will end on June 30, 2010, with full certification to be granted for each reload kit
going through comprehensive TMT or NAR S&T testing prior to that date.

When the motors are tested and certified the NAR will add them to the certified motor list. But we
will not be giving interim certification to the Kosdon motors that were certified in 2001. The reason
is that our requirements and Tripoli's were slightly different at that time. Instead of decertifying
the motors with no consumer burn time the NAR left them on the certified motor list giving people the
burn time needed to use old motor stock. So the burn time that Tripoli is now giving their members,
the NAR gave their members in 2001.

Also, such certification would be against policy stated in our Motor Testing Manual which is available
at NAR S&T Manual pdf. NFPA Code 1125 requires the successful completion of static testing before any
rocket motor can go from being "uncertified" to "certified". Kosdon rocket motors have been "uncertified"
for several years
. Until the static testing required by NFPA 1125 is done by Tripoli Motor Testing or
some other recognized testing authority, the NAR does not regard Kosdon rocket motors as being certified.
In accordance with our Safety Code, these motors may not be flown on any range where NAR insurance is in
effect until this testing is successfully completed.

But we do look forward to seeing Frank back making motors and will be delighted when we can start burning
his newly certified stock.

Jack Kane, Chairman
John Lyngdal, Chairman

Responses to official releases by Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc.
about Kosdon Enterprises of California

7-24-10 Rocketry Planet post to thread "behind the scenes":

"I just don't understand some of you people and your attitudes..maybe it was the way you weren't brought up.....
I don't see that inquiring on whether or not Frank Kosdon had a legal license to manufacture and sell his HPR
in the state of California has made it "tougher" on anyone, except for perhaps Mr. Frank Kosdon. How can you
defend a guy that is openly violating the laws? Sure they may be minor laws and equivalent to running a stop
sign or speeding(both of which can kill I might add) .

How can you defend a guy thats doing bad things to this hobby openly? How tough do you think things would get
if one of those TRA TMT certified Frank Kosdon illegally manufactured motors was to injure and kill somebody?
Don't you how that opens up the TRA to a massive lawsuit which could effectively end the TRA? Are you that
blind? Or do you just have no morals, no values and no ethics where everything is okay? Sounds like the radical
60's counterculture speak to me.

It was Frank Kosdon and his enablers and facilitators that has the OSFM taking a close look at CA HPR. It's
Frank's fault and his enablers and facilitiris that OSFM may finally toughen up its rules and make CA HPR flyers
finally get their CP3 license to fly HPR.

Darrell or any of the others who looked into this are NOT to blame. If regulatory restraints get tougher on CA
HPR rocketeers its because of the decisions made by Dr. Frank Kosdon, Paul Homes and I guess the TRA BOD, as I
can't imagine the TRA BOD would allow Paul to make this decision on his own.

If you can't see this clearly and accept it, then there's something wrong with YOU, your morals, your values and
and your ethics. Period."

Terry Dean

11-18-10 Rocketry Planet post:

How do the kosdon motors now being sold by Red Arrow Hobbies and Ken's Performance Hobbies comply with NFPA 1125?
To be certified the motor has to be tested first to the nfpa 1125 specs; there's no documentation that I have been
able to ascertain that shows any of the current Kosdon motors have been tested. We already know that they were
manufactured in violation of CSFM state regulations, then exported to NFPA 1122/1125/1127 states (Michigan and
Washington DC) and are now being shipped to other NFPA/IFC compliant states.

I think that's just the NAR taking the easy way out. Saying that "well we have an agreement" so we must follow it.
If that's the case then the NAR and CAR both need to re-access their agreement with TRA as its been shown that the
TRA can't be trusted to test and then certify motors.

The "real" answer as to why the NAr sits idly by why TRA makes a mockery of the certification process is that
40-50% of the NAR membership is also TRA membership: if the NAR was to say anything bad about the TRA, the TRA
leadership would whip up its membership into a frenzy with propaganda against the NAR.

Motor certification is a sham just like the NFPA regulations are illusory. Both are examples of "what's behind the

Terry Dean

Ken Good email 3-6-10

"Members may be suspended or removed from the
corporation for just cause by the board of directors. Just cause includes, but is not limited to, violation of any
applicable safety code adopted by the board of directors, illegal activities, unsafe activities violative of federal,
state, or municipal statutes, laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, or the like, or acts determined by the board of
directors to be detrimental or injurious to the corporation. Disciplinary action shall be conducted in accordance
with the parliamentary procedure adopted by the board of directors of the corporation. All disciplinary action shall
be conducted and decided by the board of directors."

(and criminal and civil claims)
TRA TMT chairs 1991-2010
TRA BOD members 1991-2010
Frank Kosdon
Frank Kosdon's business partners and licensees
(Kosdon East, Animal Motor Works, Aerotech)


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