Comprehensive NAR/TRA Motor Certification List

June 22, 1993

        CC     Designation  Mfgr   Dur    Avg Th    TI  Rating Type Pro Group      Diam
                  E6-0,4,8   USR   6.7      6.0    40.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      24mm
                 E10-0,4,8   USR   4.0     10.0    40.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      24mm
                   E10-4,8   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
                     E15-4   USR                                Exp  FS   TRA      24mm
                   E20-4,8   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
              E25-0,4,8,12   USR   1.6     25.0    40.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      24mm
                   E40-4,8   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
             E55-0,5,10,15   USR   0.7     55.0    40.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      24mm
                  F9-0,4,8   USR   5.6      9.0    50.0   62.5  Exp  AP   NAR      29mm
                 F10-0,4,8   USR   8.0     10.0    80.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      29mm
              F20-0,4,8,12   USR   4.0     20.0    80.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      29mm
                  F40-8,12   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
           F80-0,5,10,15,20  USR   1.0     80.0    80.0  100.0  Exp  AP   NAR      29mm
                    F80-12   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
             G25-0,5,10,15   USR   4.8     25.0   120.0   75.0  Exp  AP   NAR      29mm
                    G40-12   USR   2.8     34.2    95.9   59.9  Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
                     G45-4   USR   2.7     33.8    91.3   57.0  Exp  FS   TRA      29mm
                  H60-8,12   USR   3.9     53.4   208.2   65.1  Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
                       H90   USR   6.5     12.5    81.0   25.3  Exp  AP   TRA      38mm
                   H110-16   USR   1.9    164.6   312.7   97.7  Exp  AP   TRA      38mm
                 H120-8,12   USR   1.5    142.3   213.5   66.7  Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
              H120FS-12,16   USR   2.9     80.1   232.2   72.6  Exp  FS   TRA      29mm
                 H160-4,12   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
                 H240-8,12   USR   1.3    169.0   219.7   68.7  Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
                 I100-8,12   USR   6.0     74.3   445.7   69.6  Exp  AP   TRA      29mm
                    J125-8   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      54mm
                      J880   USR   2.0    547.1  1094.2   85.5  Exp  AP   TRA      38mm
                      L600   USR                                Exp  AP   TRA      54mm

** Decertified Motors**

The U.S. Rockets K200 have been decertified by the TRA due to burn times in excess of 15 seconds.
These motors were originally certified, and appear as such on some lists.

Motor Manufacturer Abbreviations

     USR  U.S. Rockets

Other Abbreviations

     CC        Contest certified by  the NAR -  indicated by a  <*> in the  
               left column
     P         Plugged (no delay or ejection charge)
     S         Short delay (5-7 seconds) - reloadable motor
     M         Medium delay (8-10 seconds) - reloadable motpr
     L         Long delay (13-15 seconds)- reloadable motor
     Sec       burn time in seconds
     Avg Th    Average thrust in newtons
     N-sec     Total impulse in newton-seconds
     Rating    Percent of motor class i.e. N1940, 77.6% of a full N motor

     Pro       Propellant type
          AP        Ammonium perchlorate
          FS        Firestarter (AP variant, spark generator)

     Exp       Expendable, single use motor
     Group     Certifying body (National  Association  of  Rocketry 
               (NAR), or Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

          Missing Data - Motor has been safely fired, but the data were not
          reduced when this article went to press.

Our thanks to the NAR S&T; (Pat Miller, Chris Taveres), the TRA Motor Certification Committee
(Bill Wood), and Bruce Kelly for their assistance in compiling these data.

These data tables are in the public domain, and may be reproduced freely, and without charge.
The data contained has been complied from several sources, and is accurate to the best of our
knowledge. Errors, in all likelihood, do exist, and will be immediately corrected if either
the author, or the motor certifying body is notified in writing.