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U.S. Rockets Terms of Service
Terms of Service
Consumers: We will cheerfully send an order under $1000 for payment either in advance, or after delivery by check, cash, or electronic payment. Our experience with customer payments is good, so please cooperate with that.

Dealers: We will ask for payment in advance or by electronic means within 2 days of shipment. We offer many of our products through a stocking distributor and you may pay using their separate terms.

Purchase Orders: We cheerfully accept approved purchase orders. We expect payment of purchase orders within 30 days of shipment. The order placed, whether by verbal, email, or formal PO is considered accepted according to our Terms of Service upon shipment, that is to say you may have any internal procedures you want, but we expect you to pay within 30 days of delivery of the goods. Payments over 30 days must pay 2% per month for each 1-30 days late the invoice is paid. Furthermore you agree by placing the order with a PO, to additional terms of any dispute, making you liable for court fees, attorney fees, and/or our own time spent at our published shop labor rate collecting or with legal activities. Please pay.

Prepayment: We rarely require prepayment, but when we do or when we accept one you insist on, we reserve the right to cancel or delay an order until such time as the products you order are shipped or delivered. We reserve the right to make requested refunds within 90 days of a request in writing by mail, or email.

All: We charge a 20% restocking fee.


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