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Amateur Products Page
AMATEUR MOTORS are not all certified by either NAR or other clubs. But they can be flown at launches unaffiliated with NAR and affiliated by others. The ordering procedure is slightly different since there are no "consumer certification levels". As with all products containing a large amount of rocket propellant there must be a record of sale and the buyer is expected to be responsible and accountable. However the permit requirements are actually lower than other forms of rocketry. Amateur rocketeers typically operate a small number of rockets per person, fly in group events and have full permission for flight events.
AMATEUR LAUNCHES typically have the following compliances:
1. FAA wavier
2. Local fire permission
3. Land owner permission
4. A designated Range Safety Officer
5. A range layout and safety code
6. Optional: insurance
7. Optional: state permit
8. On-site motor service dealer
International Experimental Aerospace Society
Amateur Rocketry Society of America
Pacific Rocket Society (since 1943)
Rocketfest launch/club

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