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WEIGHTLOFTER 3 29 & 6-24mm 2.25" 35" 290 g. 0.99 26.41 1019 39.95
STINGER TWO 4 29/29mm 2.25" 42" 369 g. 0.453/.322 47/24.4 1006 49.95
AR 2B 4 29/29mm 2.25" 51" 364 g. 0.635/.42 39.88/31.1 1062 49.95
HI-TEST 2225 3 3-24/3-24mm 2.25" 57" 423 g. 0.587/.507 43.56/36.67 1002 49.95
TWO THE LIMIT 2 29/29mm 2.25" 65" 423 g. 0.707/.604 52.19/45.39 1018 49.95
SONIC 2200 4 29/29mm 2.25" 51" 403 g. 0.635/.479 40.92/31.33 1032 49.95
EL LUBBO 3 29mm 4" 46" 220 g. 0.21 na 1020 49.95
Newer Kits
3 Stage Ring Fin 3 29mm
3 stage
6.5" 61" 0.7/0.5/0.3 lb 0.9/0.8/0.7e na 1177 79.95
TALON 2 29mm 2.25" 47" 220 g. 0.55e na 1221 49.95
STILETTO 2.2 2 29mm/24mm 2.25" 37" 360 g. 0.50e na 1265 49.95
SQUITSQUIT 2 24mm to 24mm 2.25" 24/19" 140/100 g. 0.65/0.55e na 1269 43.95
SQUITSQUIT BOOSTER 2 24mm 2.25" 10" 40 g. na na 1269b 19.95

All U.S. Rockets Advanced Model Rocket series kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty aerospace grade airframe tubes, strong fireproof attach line, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

WEIGHTLOFTER is a seven cluster capable payload rocket. It can be flown with only one central motor and the outer pods can have 0, 2, 4 or 6 motors installed. When motors are not installed, the pods act as stabilizers. Includes giant payload compartment, parachute and tech report on clustering. Weightlofter features simplified wedge fin alignment and attachment. Try D12-7 or F25-8 and several (0-6) D12-0(P) or single F20-4, G30-8 or G60-8. Go HPR with H80-12 central and 6 E12-0(P) outers.

STINGER TWO is a two stage 'Discontinuous Staged™' payload vehicle. Discontinuous Staging™ is used on designs where the stages have no direct flame path and permits the lower stage to be recovered by parachute. Includes tech report on staging and FREE fin alignment tool. Uses drag reduction boattail to dramatically improve performance. Stinger Two is the most advanced high performance staged payloader available and can withstand repeated high power firings. Our lowest drag and highest performance two stage rocket. Try G60-4 to G60-8 or F80-4 to F20-8. Go HPR with G120-8 booster to H80-12 upper.

AR 2B is an advanced two stage sounding rocket and the flagship of the U.S. Rockets fleet. Sounding rocket styling and stable design make this one of the most desireable rockets we offer. AR 2B is a boosted, high altitude version of the Aero-roc and has through the wall fin attach on the booster to withstand hard landings. Either direct or Discontinuous Staging™ may be used. Try F80-4 to G30-8 or G60-4 to G60-12. Go HPR with G120-8 booster to H80-12 upper.

HI-TEST 2225 is a clustered and staged sport model. Use of simple and reliable direct staging makes it seem easy to operate six motors per two stage flight. The extra power capacity makes Hi-Test 2225 one of the highest flying U.S. Rockets kits. Positive fin alignment and attachment is achieved by the use of wedge fin attach. Interlocking fin style, large payload compartment and stable design highlight this fine rocketship. Try 3 D12-0 to 3 D12-7 or 3 E25-0 to 3 D12-7. Get high with 3 G35-anything to 3 G35-12 discontinuous or sequencer staged

TWO THE LIMIT is a large two stage model rocket. Simple and reliable direct staging and long slender design combine to provide high and graceful flights. Simple assembly and large size provide an enjoyable experience for any rocketeer. Interlocking style fins and large payload capacity top off the many features. Try F20-0 to F20-8 or G60-0 to G30-8. Go HPR with H120-8 to H80-12.

SONIC 2200 is U.S. Rockets' sounding rocket vehicle. Designed to accept rated power well in excess of model rocket limitations, Sonic 2200 is a screamer. Classic 'California' styling and Discontinuous Staging™ provide a stable design and booster parachute recovery capability unique to U.S. Rockets products. Try F80-4 to G60-8. Go HPR with G120-8 booster to H80-12 upper.

EL LUBBO is a very unique rocket specifically designed to be within the one pound weight limit thus requiring no FAA wavier or notification with all its design power motors. Includes a FREE report on shroud construction, parachute recovery and giant payload compartment. The 29mm (1.125") motor mount or included 24mm (0.94") conversion allows flights with 24mm D12-3, E25-4, E50-4 and F25-4. 29mm E10-4, E20-4, E40-4, F20-4, F40-4, F80-4, G30-4, G60-4, G120-4, H60-4, H120-8. For best results, use a 1/4" diameter launch rod.


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