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1. a trifling away of time; dawdling.
2. amorous toying; flirtation.

Rocket Racing League prototype vehicle.
Jeff Jakob, Bill Colburn, and Jerry Irvine

Launch from Andoya, Norland, Norway.

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record launch event in UK.

Jeff Jakob N2O-CPVC hybrid launch at Black Rock, NV.
Our flight is 6:15 into this video.
Was lit with a Jerry Irvine Igniter !!!

For 2011 the Black Rock, NV event
is promoted using Jeff's flight.

Here is the 2011 Balls XX flight liftoff.
Jeff Jakob used a N2O hybrid with our igniter system.

Here is the YouTube video.

Sunrise at a test site.

Sunrise at a test site.

One of many space specific slide rules.

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