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Spike TV

Deadliest Warrior

Starring Geoff Desmoulin, Armand Dorian, and Max Geiger.

Summary: July 06, 2010 - Will the rocket propelled
arrows unleashed by Ming Warrior be too much
for the Musketeer and his men?

No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death.


cast and crew

Testimonials and Product usage
Licensed Special Effects Professional

FYI.... With a little testing we got 100% ignition on all BP rockets fired. We used finely ground BP in lightly tamped into the choke with a small crown of 3f BP on top. The (SPFX) electric match was placed over that and taped with paper tape. When the match fired... the tape burns away and the rocket leaves.

Production was happy and it looked dowright crazy. Watch for it on Spike TV "Deadliest Warrior".