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TV Appearance
Large Dangerous Rocket Ships 2010
Hosted by Kari Byron
by Discovery on Science Channel

"It's all about the rockets!"

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As seen on TV.
Host Kari Byron.

As seen on TV.
LDRS-1 1982 group photo.

As seen in real life.
LDRS-1 1982 group photo. Jerry Irvine is center right, kneeling, in the brown shorts
holding a U.S. Rockets Weightlofter. The rockets sticking up to the left
is Chris Pearson, standing, launch host with his Ace Allegro and U.S. Rockets Hi-Test 2650.
Photo by Heidi Smackula.

10-82 California Rocketry magazine (CRm) had
coverage of LDRS-1. This page shows several rockets from the
launch held in Medina, OH, a beautiful college town in central Ohio.

The first "HPR" motors of LDRS-1 were Composite Distributon brand 29mm H160 and 38mm I200.
Jerry Irvine popularized the 38mm size which later became an industry standard. Gary Rosenfield
popularized the 54mm size starting at LDRS-3 and 98mm at LDRS-8 which later became standards.
Jerry Irvine later popularized the 75mm and 66mm and 152mm sizes. Motor diameter standards
made multi-brand kit compatibility practical and has stood the test of time. Estes had already
standardized 13mm, 18mm and 24mm, and Enerjet standardized 29mm. The first rocket of LDRS-1 was
a U.S. Rockets Hi-Test 2420. The modern U.S. Rockets kit equivalent is the Start.

LDRS-1 article from 10-82 California rocketry magazine
LDRS-1 article page 1
LDRS-1 article page 2
LDRS-1 article page 3
LDRS-1 article page 4
LDRS-1 article page 5
LDRS-1 article page 6
LDRS-1 article page 7
LDRS-1 article page 8
LDRS-1 article page 9

10-82 LDRS-1 issue of California rocketry magazine
10-82 issue of CRm published by Jerry Irvine

As seen on TV.
Jerry Irvine is slathered with sunscreen by
Heidi Smackula and her friend. Fun times.

14.1mb MPG video

Here is a short video of the history of LDRS-1 from
Large Dangerous Rocket Ships, hosted by Kari Byron on Discovery-Science Channel.

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