July 2010

The California State Fire Marshal's Office does not grant exemptions to the use,
manufacture and sale of a consumer rocket motor for any reason if it has not been
approved. All motors used in the State of California must be reviewed approved and
have the registration seal on each individual motor. If any motor does not have a
seal it can be seized and later destroyed.

I am the only one at my agency that reviews and grants any approval of a firework
or pyrotechnic item. If any item(s) are approved I send out a wet signature letter
verifying the approval, I can assure you that Mr. Kosdon has not received any
approval from my agency under my signature as of this date.
I have contacted
Mr. Kosdon and advised him of his situation as far as being out of compliance with
California Law, he has quoted sections of the United States Constitution advising
me to the contrary in as far as his need for California license requirements. I
have had a California license application sent to his residence and to my knowledge
he has not responded.

My advise to you and any other individuals who may be considering purchasing a Kosdon
motor be advised that there will now be unannounced inspections at the various venues
where the launching of rockets will be conducted, its unfortunate that some individuals
within a very respected hobby need to be monitored closer due to non-compliance of the
law. Any person found to be in possession of any unapproved motor will be cited and
their motors seized.

Anthony J. Guevara
Investigator/Hazardous Devices Technician
Fireworks/Explosives Program Coordinator
California State Fire Marshal's Office
1131 S Street
Sacramento,CA 95811
Office # (916) 327-8278
Cell # (916) 812-4499
Fax # (916) 445-8458

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