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HI-TEST 2650
35th Anniversary Edition

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HI-TEST 2650 is a high performance sounding rocket using a cluster of three 29mm motors in each stage. Construction is simplified by wedge fin attach which self aligns and provides stronger attach points for the fins. The inspired style of this rocket kit has seen many small time clones, but never a quality replacement. Our first kit and still the industry's finest. The 35th Anniversary edition of the Hi-Test 2650 is slightly shortened to fit in 18" packaging to make hobby store distributon possible for the first time. The question is, is the world ready for this much power?

Skill 4
Motors 3-29mm/3-29mm
Recovery Parachute
not included
Diameter 2.7"
Length 63"
Weight 1900g
Drag (CD) 0.84/0.73
SKU# 1001
Price $99.95
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HI-TEST 2650 Clustering and staging skills explored and includes free tech report on clustering. Sometimes the first cluster rocket you try is so inspired it never gets old or tired. Buy this trusty steed.
All U.S. Rockets Experimental Rocket Series 2 kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, recovery harness, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. These kits represent the state of the art in technology, performance and cost efficiency. They use USR standards such as "Interchange Mounts"-tm. They feature exceptional quality parts such as aerospace specification airframe tubes, plywood fins, wood or plastic nose cones. Launcher, parachute, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.



John Barrientos holds an uprated Hi-Test 2650 which is a two stage three cluster
29mm motor rocket with a 12" booster motor length limit and a 24" upper stage motor
length limit, if you want to call that a limit.

LDRS-1 in August 1982 had a plethora of U.S. Rockets kits including several
Hi-Test 2650's. On the left is LDRS-1 host Chris pearson with his. Thanks Chris.

LDRS-1 8-82 was a great venue for the U.S. Rockets Hi-Test 2650, our first kit.
It was also popular for our Hi-Test 2225, the two stage, three cluster 24mm
motor variant. The first rocket of LDRS-1 was a U.S. Rockets kit now sold as
the basic Model Rocket series Start. Become part of history! Oh look, there is
the Mongrel Chris flew and landed in and recovered from an Apple tree!

Danville, IL 11-94 was a great venue for the U.S. Rockets Hi-Test 2650.
This flight was with three Rocketflite BP sparky motors!

Our first kit.

A nose cone from one of the first 30 USR kits.
Photo by Al Swackhammer, HPR historian.

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