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HI-TEST 3100

HI-TEST 3100 is a two stage four cluster 29mm rocket. This rocket was designed to fly with moderate thrust motors to take advantage of the long burn times but with the higher thrust provided by four simultaneous motors. Wedge fin attach for positive alignment and high strength, aerospace specification airframe tubing, and plywood fins are used.
Skill 4
Motors 4x29mm/4x29mm
Recovery Parachute
not included
Diameter 3.16"
Length 90"
Weight 1900g
Drag (CD) 0.83/0.65
CP(") 74.8/56.6
SKU# 1074
Price $109.95
Definition Of Terms
HI-TEST 3100 is simplicity itself and is perfect with low thrust long burning motors such as the H60-8 to G008-8, or G120-8 to J160-12!! 4 each of course.
All U.S. Rockets Experimental Rocket 2 Series kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, recovery harness, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. These kits represent the state of the art in technology, performance and cost efficiency. They use USR standards such as "Interchange Mounts"-tm. They feature exceptional quality parts such as aerospace specification airframe tubes, plywood fins, wood or plastic nose cones. Launcher, parachute, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

Hi-Test 3100 package front.

Hi-Test 3100 package back.

Hi-Test 3100 package end.

Hi-Test 3100 all together.

Hi-Test 3100 without booster and payload section.

Hi-Test 3100 with and without booster.

Hi-Test 3100 upper.

Hi-Test 3100 without booster and payload section.

Hi-Test 3100 booster.

Hi-Test 3100 booster end view.

Hi-Test 3100 upper sections.
This section can be modified to be attached the same way we
suggest motor installation by putting a 1" thrust ring or
BT-30-1 at the rear of the thin spacer tube. The main tube
is retained with a layer of tape over the thrust ring and
airframe tube end. This allows easier repairs and also transport.

Hi-Test 3100 upper stage internals.

Hi-Test 3100 upper stage internals end view.

Hi-Test 3100 payload section.

4 cluster 2 stage 29mm motor user!!

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