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| Standard light strength El Lubbo |

Spanglish for "the pound" strong

EL LUBBO STRONG is a very unique rocket specifically designed to be within the 1500g FAA weight limit thus requiring no FAA wavier or notification with all its design power motors.


Skill 3
Motors 29mm/24mm
Recovery 30" Parachute
Diameter 4.0"
Length 46"
Weight 450g
Drag (CDr) 0.21
Altitude E25: 1027', 5s
F25: 1734', 6s
G35: 2244', 6s
H60: 3742', 7s
SKU# 1181
Price $59.95
Definition Of Terms
EL LUBBO STRONG Uses thicker standard strength tubing and strong and light Lite-Ply fins. Includes a FREE report on shroud construction, parachute recovery and giant payload compartment. The 29mm (1.125") motor mount or included 24mm (0.93") conversion allows flights with 24mm E25-4, E50-4 and F25-4. 29mm E10-4, E20-4, E40-4, F20-4, F40-4, F80-4, G30-4, G60-4, H60-4. For best results, use a 1/4" diameter launch rod. Its very strong and lightweight construction makes it fly surprisingly high compared to other rocket kit brands. Test it for yourself!
All U.S. Rockets Advanced Model Model Rocket series kits feature pre-cut wood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong elastic shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

Finished Product Photo

El Lubbo product package 2010

El Lubbo product package
El Lubbos in bulk.

El Lubbo Performance run with F20 motor

Customer supplied build photos.
Kit Parts
The supplied parachute and decals are now different and in color.

El Lubbo boattail cuts

El Lubbo fins mounted on motor mount

El Lubbo fins mounted on motor mount and shroud fit over them

El Lubbo 4 panel nose cone with customer added card stock nose tip reinforcement.

A customer built El Lubbo which is the result of the
above construction photos. And under a pound too.

El Lubbo lifting off on a G67!

El Lubbo flying on a windy day on a G67!

Our original El Lubbo rear view.

Our original El Lubbo regular view.
It's still alive!

Fins and rings installed, panels cut.

Fins and rings installed, panels cut.

Rear panels glued down.

Glue drying.

The shroud from the rear, nose cone, box.

Customer Comments

First off, the El Lubbo is a true builder's kit and is certainly unlike anything I have built before. That is because there is no plastic or balsa nose cone! You have to (ready for this?) make it from a piece of tubing.

Say what...??

You heard me correctly. The nose cone is fabricated from a piece of 4" tubing. USR has some excellent documentation included with the kit on creating transitions, boat tails, and even nose cones from tubing. It is not a fast process to do this. Those looking for a quick build, please pass on by . . . These are not the droids you are looking for. Something like that anyway. While labor intensive, you are going to have a rocket unlike any other at the field.

Bottom line is imagine a 4" diameter and almost 4 foot tall rocket with a 29mm motor mount. Sounds like your typical L1 cert bird, right? OK, now imagine the suprise when you find out that it weighs *UNDER* ONE POUND. How is this done? Well, with the nose cone made from a piece of tubing, the boat tail uses the same technique to be created--and that design feature allows for the 1/4" thick Lite-Ply fins to have plenty of support. The conical nose cone and boat tail should make up nicely for any performance loss from the large diameter tubing too.

With the complicated build techniques, I would NOT recommend this kit to beginners. I have logged quite a few hours into getting this one built, but it has been worth it!


Very, very cool kit. It's one of those that (unfortunately) you don't realize how cool it is until you see it in person. I know it's going to get a great reaction at the launch next week ;) I've got a couple G64s with El Lubbo in mind. I'll send flight pics then too. I filled the gaps in the shroud with (small amounts of) polyurethane glue. It did exactly as I hoped it would: provide rigidity to the shroud, give a nice base for filler (either Bondo or Fill 'n' Finish) to smooth it all out, & be a lightweight solution.

It's going to be a fun, long build :) It's awesome!

--Lance Alligood




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