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Large Sport Series 2


MONGREL 7 is a version of the popular Mongrel rocket with up to seven 29mm rocket motors. Any combination of 1-7 motors may be used. This rocket has proven to be a staple at early high power launches nationwide due to the use of commonly available 1.125" 29mm diameter motors. Machined plywood parts assure strength.

Skill 2
Motors 7x 29mm
Recovery Parachute
not included
Launch Lug 1/2"
Diameter 4.0"
Length 68"
Weight 2.0 LB
Drag (CD) 0.469
CP(") na
SKU# 1049
Price $129.95
Definition Of Terms
MONGREL 7 Clustering skills explored and includes free tech report on clustering.
All U.S. Rockets Large Sport Series 2 kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, recovery harness, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. These kits represent the state of the art in technology, performance and cost efficiency. They use USR standards such as "Interchange Mounts"-tm. They feature exceptional quality parts such as aerospace specification airframe tubes, plywood fins, wood or plastic nose cones. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.


Finished rocket

A bit of history

Mongrel at LDRS-1 in August 1982.

Chris Pearson recovers his Mongrel from
an apple tree near the LDRS-1 range in 1982.
It seemed an unlikely sight so I snapped this photo!

The Mongrel has a storied history from
well before that in the late 1970's

The maiden flight of the mongrel was with a
cluster of 2x CD G62, clearly visible, and
3 PJ G88's. It was optically tracked to 0.98
miles and was recovered on a 6 foot parachute.
It was spectacular and introduced NAR to the concept
of Model Rocket Technology (MRT), larger rockets now
called High Power Rocketry (HPR), to differentiate
them from Model Rockets (MR), under 1500g liftoff
and 125g propellant maximum. HPR has no such
maximums. "Big toys for big boys"-tm was born!
Photo by Tom Kolis, as are many from that era.

Jerry Irvine holds his Mongrel while
wearing a rare and elusive Enerjet t-shirt!

Gary Rosenfield films (remember film?)
Korey Kline loading his Mongrel onto the pad
equipped with a prototype in-flight guidance
system, and launched from the traditional 1/2"
rolled steel rod. This image was used in California
Rocketry magazine (CRm) several times.

Mongrel liftoff!

Plasmajet G88's (seen here) and G60's were a
primary motor in the early days of MRT/HPR.

Viewer Feedback

That black and white picture of the maiden flight of the
Mongrel and the history write up you made for the Mongrel
on the kit page is great! I'll bet that five motor cluster
of CD and PJ G motors pushing that rocket to nearly a mile
back then was "spectacular".
- Steve Naquin

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