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18mm Mass Market Series


MR 2B is U.S. Rockets flagship model rocket vehicle. You see both the MR 2B and the AR 2B in our logo. Designed to accept common Estes motors, MR 2B is a screamer. Classic "California" styling and multiple stage design provide a highly versatile choice of motors. Streamer recovery brings your rocket home. Try B6-0 to A8-5, C6-0 to C6-7.

Skill 2
Motors 18mm to 18mm
Recovery Streamer
Diameter 1.00"/1.00"
Length 23"/20"
Weight 60g/40g
Drag (CD) 0.653/0.361e
SKU# 1179
Price $26.95
Definition Of Terms
MR 2B can be slightly modified to accept new dual deployment systems and altimeters. The payload can be deployed on both sides of the coupler or the payload tube. This rocket is recomended for sport fliers who want to fly with easy direct staging. It flies surprisingly well on B6-0 to A8-5. Best flights are with C6-0 to C6-7. MR 2B has been successfully tested with as high of power and thrust as 40E20-12. Its very strong and lightweight construction makes it fly surprisingly high compared to other rocket kit brands. Test it for yourself!
All U.S. Rockets 18mm Mass Market series kits feature pre-cut fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong elastic shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

The MR 2B is the 18mm 2 direct stage
version of the U.S. Rockets AR 2B.

MR 2B package front.

MR 2B package back.

MR 2B parts.

MR 2B finished.

MR 2B blue sky view.

MR 2B deployment mode.

MR 2B booster motor attached with celophane or Scotch tape.

MR 2B booster motor with stage slid on and igniter installed.

MR 2B launch!

MR 2B recovery!

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