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PISTON STAGER is a U.S. Rockets exclusive design with a piston boosted upper stage. The concept of a piston launcher is to conserve the gases expelled shortly after motor ignition, prior to rocket movement and convert them to mechanical movement. The result is a 300% increase in velocity versus an 'unboosted' rocket. Taken one big step further, the piston system is incorporated into the lower stage of the rocket resulting in amazingly fast upper stage flights and dramatic in flight staging action! Try F80-4 or 3 E25-4 to D12-7. The large size and moderate power capability allow PISTON STAGER to be flown in athletic size fields with F80-4 to D12-7 or G60-4 to E12-8 motors. PISTON STAGER a superior flyer on even fairly low power motors!

Skill 4
Motors Booster:
54mm Host-tm
29mm or 3-24mm
Recovery 16" Parachute
Diameter 2.25"
Length 74"
Weight 400g
Drag (CD) 0.65/0.45
CP(") 57.7/20.84
SKU# 1014
Price $59.95
Definition Of Terms
PISTON STAGER has been successfully tested with as high of power as H90-8 and as high thrust as H120-4.

Its very strong and lightweight construction makes it fly surprisingly high compared to other rocket kit brands. Test it for yourself! Best flights are with black powder upper motors when flying with F or below on the booster.
All U.S. Rockets Large Sport Series kits feature pre-cut wood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong elastic shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

Piston Stager parts photo.

Fins sanded for Bruce Sexton's U.S. Rockets Piston Stager

Fins attached to Bruce Sexton's U.S. Rockets Piston Stager
using a third party fin alignment guide.

Piston Stager upper stage complete.

Both bottom sections of the
U.S. Rockets Piston Stager are shown.

The upper coupler is assembled.

The main coupler is modified to accept a Perfectflite timer.

The main coupler is modified to accept a Perfectflite timer.

The main coupler is modified to accept a Perfectflite timer.

The main coupler is modified with upgraded hardware.

Piston Stager has "Interghange Mounts"-tm.

The "Integrated Tube"-tm style reducer is marked, taped, and cut.

The "Integrated Tube"-tm style reducer is completely cut.

The "Integrated Tube"-tm style reducer is internally strong.

Measure and fit twice, glue once.

The "Integrated Tube"-tm style reducer makes a
clean, light, and strong reducer.

Piston Stager assembled and naked.



Customer Comments
What about the PerfectFlite Micro Timer2? Fits in an 18mm tube and has the following features:

A. Easy to set delay time is field adjustable from 0.6 seconds to over 60 seconds in 0.1 second steps.
B. Uses space-saving LED for delay reporting and continuity check, with provision for adding external full-function beeper. Beeper provides audible igniter continuity check, powerup reporting of current delay time setting, and post-flight siren to aid in rocket location.
C. High current capacity allows use of multiple igniters in clusters. Brown-out protection during firing allows 100% power delivery to igniter without worry of reset.

The MicroTimer2 arrived a couple of days ago. Man, this thing is small. Now I've got to do a little serious design work. Should I use a G Switch, breack wire or pull pin? How and where do I mount the battery? What type of power switch do I use or do I use one at all? So many questions to be answered . . . I'll try to keep you posted.

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