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PISTON LAUNCHED MICROC is a ground based piston boosted model rocket! PISTON LAUNCHED MICROC uses a sliding tube piston system to capture the gasses from motor ignition normally wasted on the pad to impart MOMENTUM to the rocket. This amount of energy conservation imparts a surprising amount of initial velocity and conserves considerable power. Launch pad speed about doubles and peak altitude is enhanced by about 20%!!

Skill 1
Motors 24mm/18mm
Recovery Streamer
Diameter 1.00"
Length 15"
Weight 20g
Drag (CD) 0.361
CP(") 11.7" from
the nose
SKU# 1183
PLM kit
Price $26.95
SKU# 1183d
Not for Microc.
For Estes BP E-F
Piston Count 3
Price $19.95
SKU# 1183a
For Estes BP C-D-E
Piston Count 4
Price $19.95
SKU# 1183b
For Estes BP 1/2A-A-B-C
Piston Count 4
Price $19.95
SKU# 1183c
For Estes BP 1/4A-1/2A-A
Piston Count 4
Price $14.95
Definition Of Terms
PISTON LAUNCHED MICROC needs to have its piston tube changed after every three or so flights. We offer a replacement piston tube kit (PLM SPK) so you can keep flying over and over. We also offer piston kits for 18mm and 13mm, sold separately. Designed to accept common Estes motors, PISTON LAUNCHED MICROC is able to be flown with a wide variety of LONG DELAY motors. Streamer recovery brings your rocket home. Try D12-7 or E9-8. Recommmended first purchase is PLM kit (#1183) and a spare 18mm piston launcher kit (#1183b) compatible with ALL of your Estes kits. Your rocket flies higher and faster, but there is no "free lunch"! The piston mounts to the pad with launch lugs just like a rocket. Use standard launch pads! It flies surprisingly well on 18mm A8-5, B4-6, B6-6, C6-7. Best flights are with D12-7 (#1183a SPK). PISTON LAUNCHED MICROC has been successfully tested with as high of power and thrust as 120G35-12, but the piston improves wimpy black powder propellant motors much more than efficient APCP composite propellant motors. Its very strong and lightweight construction makes it fly surprisingly high compared to other rocket kit brands. Test it for yourself!

All U.S. Rockets 18mm Mass Market series kits feature pre-cut fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong elastic shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

Piston Launched Microc and Piston Launched Microc Spare Parts Kit
PLMSPK-24 packaging. The SPK has "lots o tubes"-tm.

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