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STARLIGHT 2.7" is a beefy rocket. High strength components throughout facilitate flights near Mach 1 despite the large size. The 38mm mounts or 29mm conversions accept motors F to I. Pre-cut balsa fins and plywood rings and double strength aerospace specification airframe tubing. Complex assembly. Build in two days. TWO huge rings.

Skill 2
Motors 38mm
Recovery parachute
not included
Diameter 2.70"
Length 48"
Weight 885g
Drag (CD) 0.90e
SKU# 1167
Price $99.95
Definition Of Terms

STARLIGHT 2.7" is recomended for moderate power and medium thrust sport flights. It flies surprisingly well on G80-4 and H110-8. Test it for yourself!

All U.S. Rockets Custom Cluster Series kits feature wood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong shock line, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance rocket. Launcher, motors, parachutes, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint may not be included.

USR Starlight package.

USR Starlight parts.


Starlight on the launch pad!

Starlight on the launch pad!
Proud rocketeer photo of Lorin.

Preparation of Starlight 2.7 preflight.



USR Starlight prototype in 1982.

2004 Starlight package front.

2004 Starlight package back.

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