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TANDEM GOODNESS is a VERY high performance sport model. It features very high performance design, easy construction, and high visibility streamer recovery. TANDEM GOODNESS uses innovative and time tested "Tandem Motor"-tm technology! For example, you can bond a C6-0 to a C6-0 end to end with superglue to form a single booster motor. You then bond a C6-0 to a C6-7 end to end with superglue to form a single upper or sustainer motor. The first combination acts as your booster motor and the second combination acts as your upper motor making a 2 stage flight with 4 stage excitement!

Skill 2
Motors 18mm/18mm to
Tandem Mode-tm
Recovery Streamer
Diameter 1.0"
Length 32"
Weight 140g
Drag (CD) 0.65/0.45e
CP(") 0/0
SKU# 1266
Price $29.95
Definition Of Terms

TANDEM GOODNESS uses simple direct staging. Also suitable for launching 18mm USR motors of longer length including E10 to F20 using electronic staging. The kit includes a report on "Tandem Motor"-tm technology! Some combinations work reliably and we focus on those. The principal of "Tandem Motor"-tm technology! is to fire the second motor through the first and utilize some of the inside of the casing as added fuel while maintaining normal pressure since the second nozzle is about the same size as the first. The second case also acts as a "plenum" to further enhance combustion before the chemicals are ejected out the motor "system." "Tandem Motor"-tm technology was once considered for NAR motor certification! Alas, it is in the domain of experimenters and tinkerers now, but it still rocks!

All U.S. Rockets BMR3 series kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.



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