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Main Safety Code Page

FAA airspace guidelines

Federal Aviation Administration class G or uncontrolled airspace
is permissible for unmanned rockets without additonal clearance.

Operations in controlled airspace requires an FAA waiver
(written permission) for rockets which have over either 125g
propellant or over 3.3 lb liftoff weight. Go to any local
airport for a sectional map and questions about uncontrolled
airspace locations. They do not answer questions on waivers.

Obtain a waiver (form 7711-2 at pdf link) for FAA
and contact the regional service center to submit it.
This is easy for individuals, clubs, or groups. It is FREE but
requires 45-60 days advance notice. Authorizations are also
available for multiple dates or annually if you call in to
activate it as needed. Ask your FAA representative about details.

Launching Guidelines

Guidelines for Model Rocketry
(under 125g propellant and 1500g liftoff)

Guidelines for Consumer High Power Rocketry
(under 40,980 N-s power)

Guidelines for Indistrial and Educational Rocketry

Guidelines for static testing (not linked)

Lucerne, CA Launches

Lucerne launches are held the first Saturday of
each month. 3 miles N of Hwy 18, 1 mi W of Hwy
247, on dirt road. 8am and up to 8000 AGL.
Special launches at times. All range fees are
voluntary contribution.

Lucerne Valley, CA

Lucerne Valley, CA
Mojave, CA Launches

Mojave Test Range launches are held the 2nd Sunday
of the month. Neuralia Road just S of Rogers Road
(off Hwy 14 near 58 or 395) About 14 miles East,
then NE on Munsey Rd. Right at entrance pole.

California City, CA

Major streets shown here

Cantil, CA


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