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U.S. Rockets 152mm 40960 F images

Images from the F STAR static test
Fast Propellant 9 Point Star Grain Geometry

Casing System

Casing System

Casing System

Propellant Grain

Static test

Static test!

Post-fire disassembled motor.

2.1Mb Quicktime Movie of static test

Data sheet and thrust curve

Pressure and thrust curve

2.1Mb Quicktime Movie of the test

Images from a F STAR flight test
Casing system and propellant grain seen above

Doug Jones assists Jerry Irvine loading the grain into the casing

Gerald Camp installs the final snap ring

The completed motor, fin unit and payload section are readied for the pad
An Iwo Jima moment is observed as the rocket is raised for launch

The rocket is on the pad and ready for launch

4.4Mb Quicktime Movie of the rocket prior to installation on the pad

2.0Mb Quicktime Movie of the rocket on the pad





1.7Mb small Quicktime Movie of the flight

8.3Mb big Quicktime Movie of the flight

6.9Mb Quicktime Movie of the rocket impact point

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