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U.S. Rockets 98mm 24000 WS images

Images from the RL version of the motor static

24000 O 3000 WS static test

Images of the SU version of the motor

4 inch motor bulkhead parts

4 inch motor nozzle parts

4 inch thrust curve and data sheet

4 inch static test prep

4 inch static test image

L to R: Kevin Baxter, Mark Holthaus RSO, Greg Smith,
Jeff Jacob, Jerry Irvine, Andrew Irvine, Gerald Camp

4 inch rocket prepped and ready

4 inch rocket on pad

4 inch motor ignition

4 inch motor liftoff

4 inch motor FLIGHT!

4 inch motor closeup in FLIGHT!

4 flight datasheet link

4.6 Mb Quicktime movie of flight

Closeup of Mach Diamonds

Joe May O 3000 Flight Team

6.2 Mb MPG file (QT)
Joe May O 3000 Flight Team

Chuck Cerise O 3000 Flight Team

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