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NSL 2011
National Sport Launch

U.S. Rockets Booth and Visitors

U.S. Rockets Booth with rockets on display before the wind.

The main booth set-up. Rocket kits at the ready!

Doug Frost of Rocket Golf and Baynar fame greets old friend Jerry Irvine.

U.S. Rockets "Make and Fly!"-tm participants.

Jerry Irvine (U.S. Rockets), Dave Griffith (RATTworks), Gary Rosenfield (AeroTech),
friends since high school are all still doing "rockets all the time"!
They seem to share the same dresser as well.

NAR President Trip Barber awards NSL Director Rick Dickinson with an award for service.

Jerry and Gary Rosenfield in the USR booth talking with old friend Mark Helm LTR flyer.

Jerry Irvine sees old friend NAR President Trip Barber in the USR booth.

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