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AIR-10-912468-??-?Advanced Information Report #1
Motor Installation
2pp, Motor installation methods FREE
with order
AIR-30-912468-01-7Advanced Information Report #3
Motor Installation
Clustering & Staging
12pp, A summary of the configurations and methods for staging and clustering motors and the related igniter installation and motor installation techniques. Includes airframe design suggestions for best use on model and high power rockets. $1.99
AIR-40-912468-02-5Advanced Information Report #4
Ace Fugue Shroud Method
8pp, A description the methods of designing and constructing shrouds, reducers and nose cones from body tubes. Methods of fitting to your application of shape and length. Unusual applications of the methods learned in the interest trying new things at all times. $2.95
AIR-50-912468-03-3Advanced Information Report #5
Boosted Dart Theory
20pp, A description of the concept, construction and operation of boosted dart vehicles. Includes actual performance charts with several motor combinations and high performance design. Comparisons of boosted dart and conventional rocket performance. A Boosted Dart can beat any non-dart rocket! $4.95
AIR-60-912468-04-1Advanced Information Report #6
Performance Optimization
16pp, A description of motor characteristics and performance trade-offs affecting motor selection. Includes aerodynamic and weight considerations to performance. Describes maximum altitude and velocity strategies. $3.95
AIR-70-912468-05-XAdvanced Information Report #7
Ground Support
12pp, Launch controller and pad selection and construction. On-site utility box, contents and tools. Photography and tracking equipment operation and tips. Discussion of equipment such as launch pads, launch controllers, tracking systems, actuators and preparation supplies. Plans for controllers and actuators. $2.95
AIR-80-912468-50-?Advanced Information Report #8
4pp, Symbology and basic rules determining a stable rocket. "Things to aviod" and the concept of dynamic vs. static stability. $1.95
AIR-100-912468-22-XAdvanced Information Report #10
Advanced Construction Techniques
48pp, Rocket types, configurations and different construction methods are discussed in full. Includes summaries of finishing, component and vehicle design, stability, and construction techniques. Simply a MUST publication for anyone seriously into model or high power rockets. $6.95


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