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Retro Series
(Under Construction)
Upscale models based on historical favorites from Estes and Centuri.
All original IP is property of Estes and Centuri and their assigns.
These models are a tribute to the love these designs generated for three generations of youth.
U.S. Rockets engineered the upscales to handle more power!!

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SPRITE 1.34 1 24mm 1.34" 10.5" 150 g 0.6e NA 1223 NA
SPRITE 2.25 1 29mm 2.25" 10.5" 150 g 0.6e NA 1224 NA
MOSQUITO 2.2 1 29mm 2.25" 17.5" 107 g 0.35e NA 1174 29.95
STARLIGHT 2.7 1 38mm/29mm 2.7" 48" 285 g 0.9e na 1167 69.95
ATHENA 3 2 38mm 3.16" 53" 12 Lb. 0.675e na 1217 119.95
ORION 3 1 38mm 3.16" 35" 2 Lb. 0.4e na 1219 99.95
GOBLIN 4 1 38mm/29mm 4.0" 46" 350 g 0.38 na 1092 79.95
GOBLIN 6 1 98mm/54mm 6.5" 74" 4.5 lb. 0.55e 57.23 1087 289.95

| link | Goblin 6" 6IN 1287
| link | Gigantor Goblin 6" ERS2 1087

Parachutes not included.

All Retro Series rocket kits are blasts from the past from dead companies and discontinued products from live ones. Scaled up to service larger motors of course! Complete compatibility with all standard motor sizes allow these rockets to be flown with any available rocket motors. You may fly these rockets from common launch systems and pads. U.S. Rockets recommends the use of heavy duty launch pads and rods when flying with F and larger type motors. As with all U.S. Rockets kits, any length motor may be used due to the use of an ingenious method of motor installation. A masking tape thrust ring is wrapped on the nozzle end of the motor and once in place, the motor is held in place by a band of tape over the thrust ring and motor mount tube end. Fly big, fly high, fly fast, but above all, fly safely.

SPRITE is an upscale of a wonderful OOP Estes™ kit. Our version has thicker tubes and fins, bigger 29mm motor capacity and impressive stature. As always we strongly suggest you buy any rerelease of such a kit should Estes offer it, and when you buy Estes™ motors for use in our kits, BUY IN BULK.


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