Aerotech RMS Loading Tips

A while back, a business associate of mine had a discussion with several members of R.O.C. (the NAR/TRA Lucerne club) to discuss issues with loading Aerotech RMS casings. Here are some of their comments:

Jeff Stai
"If, at any point during the reload assembly process, you encounter something that does NOT look right, or does NOT make sense to you, or you just aren't sure about, for GOSH sakes ASK SOMEBODY! There are NO dumb questions when it comes to reloads!"

Hyam Sosnow
"If you have any leftover parts, you did something wrong. DON'T FLY THE MOTOR. Ask someone for help."

Jeff Gortatowsky handled this Q & A session:
Q. How much grease is enough or too much?
A. For *everything* just a sheen is fine. We are talking slippery not sloppy.

Q. Does everything get greased up?
A. O-Rings, grain liner, and threads. Nothing else. Though some grease the outside of the delay liner. That's dangerous for reasons you know all to well though it can be done safely with some precautions. 

Q. Is Vaseline really good enough?
A. Some people prefer a lubricant called Dow 111. But as far as I am concerned, yes. Remember it's NOT a sealant!! It's only a lubricant.

Q. What do you do with the extra parts?
A. With Aerotech's QA? Wait till you get a reload that is missing that part and use it then

Jeff Stai contributed the follow Top Ten RMS Mistakes
1. Getting grease on something that is supposed to burn.

2. Forgetting the:
- delay o-ring(s)
- ejection charge
- delay spacer
- forward insulator

3. Sensing something is wrong and not asking someone about it! (This led to my first big failure)

4. The delay spacer does not stick up 1/32" like it is supposed to. 

5. Not cleaning the casing until it is cold and everything has cemented itself in.

6. Not securing the ejection with enough tape, such that the pathetic little tape disk they give you comes lose and allows all the powder out the first time you tip the rocket sideways.

7. Not making sure the ejection powder has gone down that little hole and is making good contact with the delay grain. (I put a little powder in the well and shake it all down the hole before adding the rest of the powder.)

8. Installing the ignitor before taking it to the pad.

9. Not cutting a BIG hole in the red cap.

10. Not taping the delay liner to make sure it is snug

U.S. Rockets R&R Loading Tips

It just goes to show you when you eliminate 70% of the parts and 95% of the grease and 7 leak points, alot of problems simply go away. When you buy from a manufacturer NOT famous for mispackaging their own complicated and confusing product another 10% of the problems go away.

U.S. Rockets recommends the following small subset of tips on its R&R system.

1. If you have any leftover parts, you did something wrong. (duh)
2. Lightly grease the threads so they don't gaul, and the closure o-rings every couple of flights.
3. Clean the casing and closures within 30 minutes after last firing.
4. Tape the delay to make sure it is snug.
5. Reuse the nozzle as many times as possible.

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