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Genesis of LMR & HPR.

Starter Outfit $199.00
For MR and LMR plus fits 1/2"x69"
rod for HPR ($49 extra charge)

Complete Starter System
- launch pad
- launch rod 1/8"x23" MR
- launch rod 1/4"x46" LMR
- launch controller
- lead wire with igniter clips
- lead wire with battery clips
- Banshee rocket kit (MR/LMR crossover)

And a list of items you need to purchase to
have a complete launching experience including:
- motors - 24mm or 29mm medium delay.
- battery - 12 volt
- glue - aliphatic resin or yellow wood glue
- sandpaper - 240 and 320 grit
- x-acto knife
- pencil
- sealer - lauqer sanding sealer and 1/2" brush
- paint - spray enamel, white, black, and one other color
- fun and excitement!

U.S. Rockets MR/LMR starter outfit

You may fly these rockets from common launch systems and pads.
U.S. Rockets recommends the use of heavy duty launch pads and
rods when flying with F and G type motors. We offer a portable
pad with a two piece 1/4 inch diameter steel launch rod. The
launch controller is designed to be "continuity safe" even with
low energy igniters such as flashbulbs which ignite on continuity
test with "big name" controllers. Low energy igniters are used in
clustering and "Discontinuous Staging"-tm applications. The
complete launch system comes with with pad, 1/4" rod, 1/2" rod
and controller. As with all U.S. Rockets kits, any length motor
may be used due to the use of an ingenious method of motor
installation. A masking tape thrust ring is wrapped on the nozzle
end of the motor and once in place, the motor is held in place by
a band of tape over the thrust ring and motor mount tube end.
Fly big, fly high, fly fast, but above all, fly safely.

Launch controller, pad, 50 foot lead wires, 1/8 x 23" and 1/4 x 46"
rods, Banshee Rocket.

Launch controller, pad, 50 foot lead wires, 1/8 x 23" and 1/4 x 46"
and 1/2 x 69" rods, 50 foot extension wires, Banshee Rocket.

Launch controller, pad, 50 foot lead wires, 1/8 x 23" and 1/4 x 46"
and 1/2 x 69" rods, two styles of rails (R1 and R2), 50 foot
extension wires, Banshee Rocket.

1/2 x 69" rod.

Easy Rider rocket kit. 3.16 x 82", 38mm with 29mm.

Banshee rocket kit. 2.25 x 42", 29mm with 24mm.

Recomended supplies: 3/4" masking tape, white and black
spray enamel paint, sanding sealer (pt), 1/2" brush, thinner,
12v battery, yellow wood glue, 120 and 320 grit sandpaper,
X-acto knife, pencil, ruler. Wadding, motors, igniters, fun!
SS-0 $199.95
SS-1 $249.00
SS-2 $349.00
LR-1/2 $49.95
R-1 $49.00
R-2 $89.00
1108 $99.95
1059 $35.95

12v system uses your car or Gelcell battery.
Colors and shapes vary with batch.

Putting your battery on a wood block
makes it last much longer.

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