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Since Decertifcation for anything other than Safety is not in the NFPA
regulations, it means that you can use OOP motors as long as you are NOT
carrying your NAR or TRA membership card in your back pocket. Leave it
at home if you want to fly OOP. Decertfication for other than Safety
ONLY reasons is a NAR policy which only applies to NAR members
participating in NAR sanctioned launches. NAR policy cannot trump or
override state laws, which NFPA regulations are in most cases, except at
NAR sanctioned launches and NAR members. It's really pretty simple. IF
you are a member of a NAR club, ask your club to consider a NON-NAR launch.
- Terry Dean
1993 Joint NAR-TRA Certification List

TRA Certification 1984-1997
DOT Classificaton 1986 - does not expire
NAR Certification List 1987 384k
NAR Decertification 1994
NAR Certification List 1997-2000
TRA Decertification 1997
California Classificaton 1999 -
TRA Experimental - USR approved
AIM Certification 2000-2003
Subject: Where are these uncertified motors??
I may be opening a can of worms here, but where are all of these
"uncertified" motors? I am a NAR member, but I'm an independent flier.
The only regulations I have to follow are federal, state, and local
regulations because they're the law, and I don't break the law. Basically
I don't care if a motor is certified or not. Now I like Aerotech motors
and am for the most part perfectly happy flying rockets under level1, but
I am not happy that I am restricted to what I can use by organizations
that have no authority to restrict my activities in any way. Now don't
get me wrong, NAR/TRA are generally good for the hobby and their rules
are in place for a reason, and their safety record is impeccable. However,
I want options and I don't have them and that irritates me and I'm sure
that I'm not alone. Now I know most people don't respect this viewpoint,
but I will stack my safety record up against anybody's because I take it
seriously. I would like to continue to expand my horizons in this hobby
MY WAY, without doing something dangerous like making my own motors (I
don't possess the knowledge to do it safely). Otherwise, I fear that
I'll lose interest and give it up, and that means a loss of a fairly
substantial investment in rockets, hardware etc and losing one of the
truly great family activities that we and others enjoy immensely.
That's unacceptable.
- Jim (give me the motors) Sibley 8-00
Subject: Re: Where are these uncertified motors??
I agree. I firmly believe that our organizations should not be in the
business of reducing our options. I also have concerns about how TMT
went from certifying motors, to certifying manufacturers. Hobby
organizations should not be an enforcement branch of the government.
Ray Dunakin 8-00

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