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They [AeroTech] have sold bulk packs in the past direct to consumers
to not only take advantage of the packaging savings but also eliminate
the dealer margin. It really annoys dealers. That is one of the main
reasons he does not still have his original dealers. If he takes your
advise, and based on past practice, he just might, his dealers should
blackball him for bypassing them. The price is the price.
- Jerry 2003

Got to agree....seeing, feeling and touching something usually always
leads to a purchase (sooner or later depending on cost). I travel
extensively for work and have bought a ton of stuff that I could
actually hold prior to purchase.
- Mark Palmer 2003

Demonstrating once again the importance of direct retail and product
merchandising. Two things that are diminishing as retailers are
squeezed out. In the old days people would learn about new products
by SEEING THEM IN THE STORE, causing people to frequent stores and to
act on impulse when something cool arrived. That metric needs to return.
- Jerry 2003

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