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Nice to see you back in business. I've been out of the hobby for a
while, however back in 1989-90 at the second Danville DARE I bought
my first high power rocket from your company: a Banshee. What really
caught my eye was the first launch I saw of a USR J200 Firestarter and
several I's. I was just remembering how fun it was back at the Ramada,
Gracy servin' drinks and hearing you all swap lies about how high it went.
Good times that was.
- Don Russell 11-99
Man, what a good day. After several months of crap weather at Monroe it
was nice to have a close to perfect day. The wind was even blowing AWAY
from the rocket eating swamp.
I flew twice that day. First, a stretched USR sonic 3100 on an AT H-238.
Pretty heavy rocket for that motor, slowest takeoff under blue thunder I've
ever seen. Good flight, ejection at apogee, but something tangled and the
chute stayed in the airframe. The rocket tumbled back to earth for what
seemed an eternity, but the chute finally deployed at about 150 feet. Hey,
two stage recovery! Yeah...I ment it to do that. Sure...
Second flight was my USR Megaroc on an h-180. Low altitude, but fun
flight. Everything worked great. We're lucky to have a monthly launch at
a good launch site.

- Greg Deputy
TRA #2911

I know you probably get a million e-mails but I wanted to let you know how
happy I was with your kits.

Just got back from launching Stub 4.0 and Stiletto!

Stub 4.0 first launch(D12-3)- Engine CATO blew a hole in the baffle
otherwise no damage! [got a great crowd reaction!]

Stub 4.0 Second launch(D12-3)- Unbelievably EXCELLENT! great slow launch
[OK you were right about the weight being OK]. Chute deployed but
failed to open [those flare chutes really aren't much chop]. Very
little damage (2 cracked fin joints)- retired for the day.

Stiletto (4xD12-5)- I was greeted with some looks of concern when it came
out. Club safety officer decided to wire the cluster and use his launch
controller. Lift-Off was again slow and majestic (particularly since
one engine failed to light!) 5's were a little long with 1 down and the
Stiletto was screaming down when my improvised "umbrella" chute opened
and deployed beautifully bringing it safely down (just didn't trust the
flare chute). Another crowd pleaser!!

All in all a couple of satisfying launches in the land down-under (I've
still got a buzz!).

Feel free to post this message on rmr as an endorsement if you wish.

- Mike Limpus

P.S. What is the status of that motor order, your kits arrived in a week or
It really depends on how you build your model. If you intend to fly fast,
you need to build strong. If you intend to fly high, you need to build
lighter rockets.
- Tim Van Milligan

Recent materials testing has proven USR materials and construction methods
to be exceptionally strong and USR kits are the lightest LMR and HPR kits
on the planet.
- Jerry

Some people are simply so used to thick, dense, heavy rockets they are
upset when they get light, strong (now proven by scientific testing!),
and low cost HIGH PERFORMANCE rockets.
- Jerry

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