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I will mention that those reloads Jerry has been talking about
are really quite impressive. I've flown about 5 of the H motors
(H180 and H240). What is equally impressive is how over-engineered
Aerotech reloads are. It would take a bit of time to explain the
differences here, but trust me...Jerry's reloads come with nothing
more than a nozzle, some grains and a liner and it still works!
The key is in the design of the aft closure. This is a very simple
system. Now my only complaint. I lost my closures to a failed motor
retention system. Sob.
-Ted Proseus 7-00

From: dwright@universal.dca.net (Darren Wright)
Subject: Kudos to Jerry Irvine
Newsgroups: rec.models.rockets
Date: 7 Apr 2001 18:58:41 -0400

I flew some of Jerry's motors in the past, but never his Reloads.
Today I flew an H360 Buttkicker load for the 29/180 casing. His
closures fit the Dr. Rocket casings better than the Dr Rocket
closures. Assembly is 1/2 the time of an Aerotech load. Really
simple and nicely built.

The load was a wee bit underpowered and a little longer burn, but
still a magnificent H motor.

38mm anyone? Ha....I'll be flying more of these!


From: badbill@gamma494.com
Newsgroups: rec.models.rockets
Subject: Re: Kudos to Jerry Irvine
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 00:53:33 GMT

I hate to, but I have to agree or I'd be lying. I have launched the
Whitestar reloads ( they were NOT underpowered :-) and they are
simple and work perfectly. I am now making my own grains & AT
liners for the USR end closures. Simple & elegant.


Bill Davenport
AMA 28141

From: "Justin Gleiter"
Newsgroups: rec.models.rockets
Subject: Re: Kudos to Jerry Irvine
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 01:03:18 GMT

I got a chance to fly a couple of the H480 loads last weekend.
Nice design, but it could use a couple improvments in the
reload kits. ... but still, the BK propellant is very nice
stuff. Clean and powerful with a nice flame.

I'm waiting for [dealer] to get in the 960 n/s J1200 BK. That
would fly well in a 7 pound rocket, ya think? I have another
H480 ready to go in my Lil' Nuke tomorrow for a speedy flight.

Justin Gleiter TRA# 2898 L3

Let's see if I have this straight. You use USR closures (forward
and aft) and their reload and an [Aerotech or ISP or Dr. Rocket] case?
- Kurt Kesler 7-00

Yeah that's right. You better believe when I saw that forward closure
design and showed it around NOBODY thought it would work. There is NO
delay liner and NO delay o-ring. Darn things work though. I've seen
about a dozen of them total and they all worked fine. If they were
certified [again] , etc. I think they would be very popular.
-Ted Proseus 7-00

Yes, I did see more failures [1991-3] than the current level from
Aerotech as well, for whatever reason. And just for clarity, I should
point out that my comments are just based on my own, somewhat limited,
experiences with motors from both companies, and that I was generally
pleased with both the quality and the level of service from either
company. Also the Firestarters are the coolest motors of all time
IMHO. [in my humble opinion]
- Ray Dunakin 7-00

Hey Jerry, how's it going? All the motors you sold us worked GREAT!
Had a great time.
- Jeff Jacob 7-00

Hello Mr. Jerry Irvine, it's Dave of Maryland Tripoli now called
Maryland/Delaware Rocketry Association. I have launched some of
your motors and think they are real cool. Joe May and myself invite
you to come to one of our launches. We will pick up the cost of the
plane ticket. Hope you bring a steamer trunk of goodies. Here on the
east coast you have quite a following. Keep the pointy end up and the
fiery end down! Have fun.
- Dave Bullis 6-00

U.S. Rockets Whitestar-tm powering Joe's 65 pound L750 rocket.
Subject: Re: The 54/2560 needs another load too!
Yeah you should see his Stardust / Firestarter reloads!!!!!
-Darren Wright 8-00

Today was the annual rocket launch that caps my student's study of the
Cold War and the Space Race. The students left for the dry lake at
6:00 AM and we were set up and flying by 7:30. Parents came along as
drives and observers/caterers/loan officers/drivers.

There were two Vaughn Brothers Extreme 24s and an Extreme 29. The
Extreme 29 was powered by one of Jerry Irvine's G280-10s. Holy Cow....
do those buggers move. I thought G125s were hot. G280s are hotter than
40 yards of hell. They actually scream. Another G280 was used in a LOC
Little Nuke. I'd like to plug LOC. The Lil Nuke is an outstanding
rocket. Easy to build, streamer recovered and it flies like a home-sick
- R J Talley 2003

Jerry, those motors were out-freaken-standing. You now have a wannabe
repeat customer. Everyone out there who saw them loved them. Kudos sir!
- R J Talley 2003

My experiences: H240 Fast load in a 29/240 case - Fast and very predictable. No visible
effects. H69 Whitestar in a 29/180 case - Average, but overrated.
Nozzles must be reused for three flights and there was noticable
performance decrease on successive flights. I could not get a good
vertical flight in my PML Io. In both cases the delay elements are
just supposed to be friction fit. My success rate with this method was
33%. After I started using O rings in the well before inserting the
delay, my success rate went to 100%.
- Kevin 2003

A G3 migh be the optimal sustain motor with a rocket with a total weght
of about 5 Oz., but you would probably want some sort of guidance
anyway. Something like a G8 with a 15 second burn time might be useful
and practical.
- Alan Jones 2003

Recertify the USR K125-FS just to scare the general public!
- Jerry 2003

You called these K200's, they tested as a K85 with a 17 second burn.
I used a couple, cool motors.
- Tom Binford 2003

Sure I do! I flew a USR F100 a couple of months ago. Outrageous motor!
I have a couple of G120's in my storage too. Don't know if I have the
guts to fly them though! :-)
- Bruce Kirchner 2003

...the range of motor types was nice and the firestarters were awesome.
- Ray Dunakin 2003

I have to confess though, if Jerry ever got his SU motors into mass
production and distribution, at his current prices he'd kick their butts
hands down. I have also seen and used a total of 10 of his AP motors and
not one CATOed though I think the delay went long on two of them. Most
recently, I launched (witnessed actually) two of his G280 motors both of
which were loaded into Lil Nukes and both of which screamed off the launch pad
louder, meaner and faster than anything I'd seen launched in two decades of
rocketry. I would and will, fly his motors again. So far my experience has
been pretty good. Daniel Franklin has used his motors and again, IIRC, he
has had a CATO or two but he wants to buy and fly more of them and he trusts
them enough to use in his Cineroc models.
R. J. Talley, Teacher/James Madison Fellow 2003

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