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My experience with US rockets/Jerry is as follows: * New to rocketry I
posted some questions on rmr- Jerry was the first to respond.
* Some time later I place a rocket order and 7days later it turns up at my
door (halfway round the world!). I notified Jerry and my cc was then
* Subsequent orders - identical result.
* An engine order placed later is taking an age but a reasonable
explanation was given for this. (Now on hold pending the addition of a
Hybrid to the order )
* Yes, sometimes Jerries replies take some deciphering, but this is no
different to any of the other suppliers I have corresponded with. (All
of which I imagine receive numerous e-mail requests for "information".
* Unique to USR/Jerry is the speed of response to my numerous
questions. I have always received one within 24hrs, frequently only
hours later.

Speedy replies, quick dispatch (usually), Pay on delivery.... US Rockets
gets my vote for the Internet-Friendly Rocketry supplier! What's yours?
- Mike Limpus

P.S. Happy to here from any supplier who feels they can match the above!
Money's in your account. Thanks.
- Daniel Franklin

I already see it. I am more interested in if it was easier/better
than the whole money order/postage thing?
- Jerry Irvine

Yes, very easy. There is a B of A on every other corner and all I had
to do was fill out a deposit slip and hand it over to a teller along
with a check. Easy! I don't know if B of A's are as common in other
parts of the country as they are here in CA, but I think so. The
money order/ postage thing is easy for me also, but it means that
you will have to wait longer.
- Daniel Franklin

...added value to the customer (availability, service, etc). Much as
people will put down Jerry Irvine (and I'm not getting into that
here!!!), one must admit that this guy has done a lot to move the
landscape around. He creates. Might be interesting to get him back
with a real eBusiness again, and keep him busy in non-rmr type ways
(hey, don't hurt me. i'm a bleeder...).

Back to the point. What eBusiness does is sell. Sadly, we need
many more creators than merchants in a world that is getting as
connected as ours is.

And THIS is the point of what he said above. Its not about Jerry
per-se or Tim or ehobbies. It is about creation and adding value
where there was none before.

I once tried to reach Scott (from Blacksky) for months, leaving
voicemails, etc. I finally had to give up.

My point is that if we don't give our support, (and friends, that
means dollars, too!), then they will be forced to get day jobs and
innovate as a hobby for their own satisfaction only. This will not
help as many people as they do now by offerring goods and services
that others do not have the abaility to recreate. I'm saying that
even if the price for a comparable rocket is a couple of points
higher, we should support our own.

Sometimes a HIGHER price is BETTER for the CONSUMER.
- Howard Deiner

> I've seen some parts of your discussion on this topic lately, but I haven't
> seen it all in one place. In order to do that, what are all the requirements?

Federal requirements: none
We impose a know your buyer policy in case you misuse them.

State requirements: varies, CA bad, everywhere else generally good.

Storage: exempt per 55.141-a-8 (please store in shipping crates or boxes
then return them.)

Access: Must be an adult.

Shipping: Fedex airport to airport.

Payment: EZpay. Ask for details in email. But in short we will deliver
massive amounts to anyone anytime. You just have to promise to pay and
convince us it is true.

Usage: Do NOT use at an official NAR launch. Do NOT use at an official
TRA launch. Other than that, good to go! Host indy launches alot more
often. Intended use is in lightweight aeromodels and the propulsion
units are propellant actuated devices.

> - I have to be willing and able to buy a whole Pallet at once. Which
> implies that I need to find a lot of friends who want to use your motors.
> - I have to find a field. I know of only two High Power capable fields in
> NC today, and both are privately owned and only TRA/NAR sponsored launches
> are allowed there.

If the REASON for that is their bogus insurance we can offer you real
insurance instead.

> I've looked around a little, but there is very little
> land of any size in NC that is both tree-less and crop-less. Crop fields
> are only useful a couple of months of the year. And, I haven't found any
> yet that would allow rockety anyways.
> - I would have to promote and organize my own un-affiliated launch. My
> friends and I would have to find some kind of insurance (most likely) to
> convince the as-yet-unidentified landowner to let us use his property
> - I would need to get my own FAA waiver. That's no biggie, I've done that
> before. - I would need to get substantial personal liability insurance as RSO.

Nope. As RSO your homeowners covers you and our insurance is FIRST TO PAY.

> - I would need on-site and permanent (between launches) storage for the
> propellant that meets your requirements

That can be as simple as a sea container or a trailer affixed to a
permanant fixture with a serious chain and lock. This point is open to
discussion if the storage is a "known spot" and simply hauled to the
site each time. We do voluntarily, what we ask ATF to not to do, based on
the law allowing a full exemption. We want our rights back, but we do
respect and account for the need for reasonable investigation of misuse.

> Is that about it? I think the field issue is really the critical inhibitor.
> I'd need a pretty big field to launch K-M. I can already launch up to J
> with what I have available.

If you do 8000 AGL initially that includes M's in really big rockets and
moderate power in fairly big rockets and of course the massive number of
flights of 60-240ns where there are no altitude limits, and 245-2560
where a waiver is required but 8000 is adequate for all but the highest
performance rockets.

I would shoot for a 15000 AGL waiver window on launch days from 9am to 2pm.
- Jerry 2003

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