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Outstanding! As a high school English teacher and a BAR, I can safely say that
rockets and reading are two very good things for kids to be involved in. There
are way too many kids in high school who can barely read, and there are far
worse activities to get hooked on than rocketry. If kids need a rush, better
they get it from launching rockets!!
- Don Stevens 2003

BTW, for those who take shots at Jerry, he has been known to donate material
to schools from time to time as well. Whatever faults he may have, he has never
done me wrong.
- R. J. Talley, Teacher/James Madison Fellow 2003

Actually they can legally be shipped to anybody but a typical single
crate is about 120 3 packs of 29mm stuff or so and at 30% off the
invoice amount would be about $3360 if the loads averaged 240ns.

That's only about $3360/86.4kns and for a club or even a small group of
guys spread out over say 6 months it might be quite reasonable.

Larger grains are packed marginally more densely so the net goes up with
average grain size.

That is shipped freight 1.3C UN-0275.

That's even Fedexable for about $550.

It has to come from or at the instructions of the UN classification
owner. Those are grains of about 30g net each. Well under even the DOT
class C (now 1.4) limit or the USPS class C (now 1.4) limit.

By comparison a crate of 38mm 120 grains is about 1600 units
($8267/192kns) and a crate of 54mm 420 grains is about 360 units

$38.88/kns 29mm
55.56 retail
$43.05/kns 38mm
$43.11/kns 54mm
- Jerry 2003

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