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VCP - Visual Center of Pressure

VCP (Visual Center of Pressure) is a Center of Pressure/Center of Gravity stability calculator for Windows. Its spreadsheet-style operation permits easy quick looks at what-if tradeoffs when designing rockets, and its graphic display ensures data entry accuracy.

VCP Features

  • Easy Windows data entry and editing of dimensions of any component. CP/CGs are automatically recalculated with any data change.
  • Graphic screen view of entered rocket verifies data entry--what you see is what you've entered.
  • Directly view the effects of varying fin sizes with the Fin Scale tool.
  • Vary the size of the entire rocket with the Vehicle Scale tool.
  • Automatically calculate required nose weight for specified stability margin.
  • Multi-stage CP/CGs are all calculated and displayed simultaneously.
  • Windows help file with context sensitive help.
  • Flexible display and data entry units. Mix units systems; directly enter measurements in fractional inches.
  • File save/load of rocket CP/CG data. Group CP files into libraries.
  • Stability report printout--perfect for range safety check-in.
  • Verified accurate implementation of the Barrowman equations. 'Extended' mode adds new shapes and capabilities beyond the standard Barrowman methods.
  • Included libraries of CP files contain over 80 examples of kits and full-size vehicles from RotW data. Help file includes extensive Barrowman data bibliography.
  • New versions run up to five times faster than earlier 1.5x versions.
  • Print full-size profiles of all components.
  • Print construction tools: Fin Alignment Guide, Fin Position Wrapper, Shroud Template.

VCP is Copyright 1994-2001 by Gary A. Crowell, Sr. VCP and VCPPro are trademarks of Gary A. Crowell, Sr. It is distributed as Freeware.

Download the VCP164.ZIP file.  Unzip in a temporary directory, then run SETUP.EXE. Program requires Windows 3.X, 9X, ME or NT.

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